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About the Governance Assessment Portal | Governance Assessment Portal

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About the Governance Assessment Portal

The Governance Assessment Portal aims to be a hub of information and a valuable entry-point on democratic governance assessments. It seeks to provide UNDP staff, national counterparts and the wider community of stakeholders with information on:
  • tools for assessing governance
  • existing initiatives for measuring democratic governance at the national, regional and global level
  • how to measure governance with regard to specific areas of governance such as corruption or local governance
  • how to use global indicators more correctly
  • opportunities to connect and share knowledge with other practitioners and experts.
The Portal is funded and managed through the global window of the UNDP Global Programme on Democratic Governance Assessments. Country-led democratic governance assessments is a key element of the organization's broader agenda on democratic governance: to foster inclusive participation, strengthen accountable and responsive governing institutions, and ground governance in international principles of human rights, gender equity and integrity. This approach to democratic governance and the role of assessment therein, is included in the approved UNDP strategic plan for 2008-2011.

Main features

The major attraction of this website is the ease of access to an extensive amount of current reference materials, measuring tools and initiatives on democratic governance assessments, including:
How-to guidance to country-led democratic governance assessments  which consists of a series of interactive materials (the how to pages) as well as key UNDP knowledge products The How-to guidance includes reference to key publications for further reading, organizations that work in the field that can provide further support, how UNDP can provide assistance as well as training materials.
The Toolbox is a repository of ready assessment frameworks that can be applied to measure democratic governance as a whole, or in terms of specific areas, such as corruption or local governance within countries.
The Inventory of Initiatives on Measuring Democratic Governance is a repository of cases reflecting country-led efforts to measure democratic governance. It contains completed and ongoing assessments. The inventory builds on the work of Metagora at the OECD.
The Governance Assessment Library consist of online full publications free of charge on democratic governance assessments produced by a broad range of actors in the field. The library is managed by Eldis, a knowledge network based at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex.
The Source Guide to Global Governance Indicators is a searchable database on global indicator initiatives based on the mapping produced in A Users' Guide. The database will provide an easy overview of global governance initiatives.
If you wish to comment on this Portal, or contact us, please write to governance.assessments@undp.org.