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Assessment of National Women's Machineries in Palestine

Geographical Scope: 

The aim of this initiative by the Women's Affairs Technical Committee, a women-focused CSO, is to assess the effectiveness of the Women’s Affairs Ministry, Palestine Government in achieving its goals. The assessment uses seven criteria: influence of the Ministry in tackling violence against women and other issues; influence of the Ministry in making national and local budgets gender sensitive; ability of the Ministry to influence government policies; ability of the Ministry to enforce new gender sensitive legislations or to redress gender discriminatory ones; ability of the Ministry to support women who suffer from the effects of the Occupation policies; and ability of the Ministry to mobilize and organize women to resist Occupation policies.

Source of Data: 
Using other existing sources of data
Type of Data Collection: 
Administrative Data
Performance assessment / Desk studies
Secondary sources
Specifications of type of data collection: 

The method of measurement is subjective/qualitative while using some statistical data to justify conclusions.