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Morsi Meter - monitoring the performance of new Egyptian president

Geographical Scope: 
Type of Initiatives:
  • Arab States
  • Egypt

On June 24, a new president has been officially declared in Egypt and his name is Mohammed Morsi. The Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi has become Egypt's first freely elected president, and like all other candidates, he has his own presidential program and promises that voters - supposedly - elected him based on.

But how can Egyptians hold Morsi accountable for his promises and watch the progress in achieving them?

Mori Meter - - an application aiming to track the performace of Morsi is created by Zabatak, a non-profit initiative which aims at making Egypt become bribery free, corruption-free and safe. On MorsiMeter's Facebook page, it is described as follows [ar]:

"The is an initiative to document and monitor the performance of the new Egyptian president, Mohammed Morsi, and we will monitor what has been achieved from what he had promised in his program during his first 100 days in power."

Type of Data Collection: 
Performance assessment / Desk studies
Specifications of type of data collection: 

monitoring the performance of the newly elected president again the electoral campaign commitments

Main Users: 
Civil society