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Global Initiatives

Global initiatives of measuring governance are initiatives that cover multiple countries in multiple regions.In the last couple of decades the number of such initiatives has been growing.
Many global measuring initiatives are important advocacy tools for raising the awareness of governance as a critical development issue. ‘Anti-corruption’ and ‘freedom’ are two issues in particular that global measuring initiatives have helped to promote.

However, produced abroad, global initiatives may suffer from a lack of legitimacy in countries that are assessed. Lists that rank, name and shame countries for poor performance may also not always be the most appropriate tool for informing domestic policy. Global indicators often lack country contextualisation and fail to be gender-sensitive and pro-poor.

Within countries, global initiatives may be complimented by country-led initiatives that have a different set of competitive advantages. Country-led assessments are led by national researchers, may help to mobilise a national political base for reform, and may be may better aligned to national policy processes among other.