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Achieve political impact

A reliable set of governance indicators can help shape more informed decisions, increase awareness on the quality of democratic governance in the country and foster constructive national debate. Comprehensive, rigorous, disaggregated, relevant and timely governance indicators are essential to successfully advocate for and achieve democratic governance goals.
Empirical evidence makes it possible to formulate and implement better, more targeted policies. This also is the case in the area of democratic governance, and especially for ensuring that democratic governance reform helps improve the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalized.
Broadly speaking, six key aspects exist in which governance data and indicators are useful to the policy process and allow for evidence-based policymaking:
  • Identifying relevant issues
  • Informing design and choice of policies
  • Forecasting future needs, problems and progress
  • Monitoring implementation of policies
  • Evaluating impact of policies
  • Stimulating political debate