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A Users' Guide to Measuring Gender-Sensitive Basic Service Delivery

UNDP Oslo Governance Centre & UNIFEM
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The delivery of gender-sensitive basic services for women is a  prerequisite for development. The current global development  objectives, the Millennium Development Goals, will not be achieved unless and until women are able to contribute to and benefit from development on equal par with men.
This Users’ Guide on Gender-Sensitive Indicators of Basic Service Delivery is intended to contribute to the development and more effective use of gender-sensitive indicators so that services are delivered more efficiently and effectively to women.

The Guide targets a range of potential users. Two key target groups in particular are familiar with the use of statistics and indicators on gender and service delivery. One is UNDP and UNIFEM staff working with national counterparts to use data and indicators to improve the delivery of services, monitor and evalu- ate impact, and demand accountability from governments and service providers. The other is government departments, donors and international agencies involved in developing, funding and implementing service delivery programmes.