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GAP Initiative

Angola: Better Monitoring for Improving Local Service Delivery

Strenghtening the capacities of local officials to monitor will support the process of Angolan decentralization.
Decentralization is a key priority in Angola. A Local Administration Decree was passed in 1999 which offered a framework for decentralisation and the goal of decentralization will also guide the next revision of the Constitution. Yet moving from policy to implementation is a complex process. Decentralization requires human resources and effective public institutions at the local level.
By strengthening capacities to monitor, this project aims to better equip local governments.
  • In particular, by involving citizens in a community evaluation the project seeks to facilitate dialogue and to mobilise political will to implement reform. The investment should improve
  • service delivery,
  • local development plans,
  • data management,
  • mobilization of local resources and
  • participation in local decision making.
Statistics offices and information centres in 15 municipalities will be targeted.