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GAP Initiative

Chile: Political debate on the state of democracy

Weighing citizen disenchantment and political stability, an consortium of think takes is taking stock on Chile's bicentennial.
During the past two decades, Chile has consolidated its political stability, maintained high levels of economic growth and made significant strides towards improving the living conditions of its population. However, despite the many achievements and its current democratic stability, there is concern of growing citizen disenchantment with democracy. The celebration of 200 years of independence offers an opportunity to reflect on the state of democracy.
A consortium of four national Think Tanks representing a broad ideological spectrum (CIEPLAN, CEP, Libertad & Desarrollo and Projectamerica) will produce a governance assessment to kick-start national debate on democracy.
The project has the following aims:
  • to create a multi-stakeholder, nationally driven process
  • to employ an inclusive approach, with a particular emphasis on historically marginalized groups such as women and indigenous communities,
    • to strengthen national capacities, thus helping government and non-government actors to
    • identify, map and analyze key challenges facing governance in Chile today and
    • advance policy reform in the areas of political parties, electoral reform and political regime.