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Egypt: Mainstreaming Governance in Service Delivery

Strenghtening institutions is a sound means to produce better statistics and support policy decisions.
Effective and efficient public institutions are critical for improving service delivery. The Government of Egypt takes this a step further ,and recognises the need to also assess and track progress in democratic governance, including of human rights, democracy and accountability. These factors are also seen as critical in attaining the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). 
The set of governance indicators created will be similar to the data produced in National Human Development Reports for measuring progress in human and social development.

Creating a Governance Assessment Unit within the Information and Decision Support Centre (IDSC) at the Prime Minister’s Office is a key step in institutionalising governance assessment in Egypt. IDSC is one of Egypt’s leading statistical arms, and acts as the Egyptian Cabinet Think Tank. The Governance Assessment Unit will complement the existing Social Contract Unit, which monitors progress towards the achievement of 55 MDG-based programmes.


Governance indicators are needed to complement the existing set of socio-economic indicators in order to enhance the evidence base supporting government decisions.