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El Salvador: Measuring Corruption and Transparency nationally for the first time


This project will contribute to the deepening of democracy in El Salvador, through the development and implementation of a system for monitoring democratic governance at the national level. The project design is based on the methodology and experience of the Oslo Governance Centre of UNDP on democratic governance assessments. The project is jointly funded by GAP, PACDE and UNDP El Salvador. 

It is a high-level project designed to systematically measure corruption and transparency, through a set of country-specific indicators. It is the first time this is being done in the country, for which the only "measure" of corruption and transparency before had been international indices. The anti-corruption indicators are developed in collaboration and agreement with a broad range of public and private national actors. This participatory process is put in place to enhance the dialog between the permanent key actors and strengthen the national capacity to identify and analyze the key challenges facing the government.

South-South cooperation is being mobilized within this project, as the most effective support to a new national assessment process, like this one, would come from another country within the same region with appropriate experience and competence. For this purpose, the Mexican experience on anti-corruption indicators provides guidance to the Salvadorian process.

The project seeks to develop a nationally-owned system of anti-corruption and transparency indicators, and create space for the exchange of ideas and room for discussion and dialog between officials of the executive branch, other public officials, NGOs, social organizations and unions, trade associations, companies and other expressions of civil society. Moreover, the project seeks to strengthen the culture of public confidence in the State, and contribute to an advancement of democratic qualifications of the government, with a particular emphasis on transparency and accountability. 

Desired outcomes:

  • A strengthening of the ability of the political system both at a national and local levels to build a democratic regime of the citizens.
  • A strengthening of the capacity for a transparent accountable practice of the executive branch.

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