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GAP Initiative

Kazakhstan: Responsive Governance for MDG Acceleration

With assistance from the Global Programme on Governance Assessments and the Democratic Governance Thematic Trust Fund, the Administration of the President and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade in Kazakhstan aim to strengthen responsive governing institutions and develop and improve new system of public administration performance assessment at central and local levels. Initiated in 2011, this project intends to support the improvement of the assessment methodology and framework, promote a multi-stakeholder approach and accountability principles, raise public awareness and build capacity of civil society, all of which are expected to contribute to the performance assessment. The performance assessment will help to identify governance problems, provide means for assessing the effectiveness of policy reforms to address those problems and formulate better policies, with the aim of promoting the interests of vulnerable groups and the full achievement of the MDGs.

Expected outputs will contribute towards achievement of MDGs in medium term by:

  • Introducing the annual assessment of state institutions to be in line with the up-to-date global standards
  • Improving public participation mechanisms, which envisage introduction of the effective customer satisfaction assessment techniques in the methodology for annual assessment;
  • Strengthening capacities of the central and local state institutions and civil society  to understand, participate in and use performance assessments for the evidence-based policy-making.

Achievements so far:

  • Twenty-one civil society organizations from various regions of the country have registered to provide their input to the assessment system, following round table discussions and training sessions with relevant state bodies. Similar seminars are planned nationwide in the next year, both for state and non-state stakeholders.
  • The country’s assessment methodology is being reviewed in order to align it with international standards and practices. New options for improvement will be discussed with national stakeholders in October.
  • Two training sessions for central and local governing bodies are planned for October to raise the capacity of civil servants to conduct the performance assessment and utilize its results
  • Expertise of Kazakhstan’s key decision makers is being increased by giving hands-on experience and exchange of practices through peer discussions and a study visit to Canada
  •  An international conference in Astana

In order to achieve greater sustainability of the assessment system, the Project will direct its efforts at further institutionalizing the data collection through modern information technologies. To advance the incorporation of assessment results and recommendations into policymaking, further discussion and awareness-raising sessions among the state bodies will be organized to promote a comprehensive approach to governance issues based on transparency, accountability and integrity principles.

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