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Liberia: Support to the Governance Commission in conducting governance assessments in the sectors of health and education


The UNDP Regional Centre in Dakar is supporting the Governance Commission of Liberia in establishing its M&E Unit and in fulfilling its mandate to produce a yearly report on The State of Governance in Liberia by monitoring the governance performance of selected ministries on a rolling basis, starting with the Health and Education ministries in the first year.

More specifically, support is provided to:

(1) Design a comprehensive governance assessment methodology that is specially tailored to the Liberian context;
(2) Enhance the capacity of the monitoring and evaluation unit in the Governance Commission (in terms of staffing, skills and resources) to implement this methodology independently in 2013 and beyond;
(3) Test this methodology on a small scale in the education and health sectors, in 2013; and
(4) Publish and launch a first Report on the State of Governance in Liberia in 2013.

In essence, while the Ministry of Planning will be monitoring what was achieved under the PRS 2, the Governance Commission will be tracking how it was achieved (e.g. Are services delivered equitably? Are the accountability and integrity systems working?), and will integrate the voices of citizens in the monitoring mechanism.

The Governance Commission and two ministries of Health and Education will be jointly implementing the two-track monitoring methodology consisting of (1) national-level ministerial self-assessments, and (2) community-level community scorecards.

This first yearly report on The State of Governance in Liberia is expected to be launched before the end of 2013.

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