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GAP Initiative

Malawi: M&E of Malawi’s Sector Wide Approach to Democratic Governance


The purpose of this project is to conduct a governance assessment in order to develop a set of governance indicators. The project will initiate governance assessments and measurements in Malawi to develop national capacity to define and select governance indicators and data collection. The project will facilitate the institutionalization of this initiative through supporting the PPU within the Ministry of Justice. It will strengthen the coordination and delivery of the SWAp on Democratic Governance, with a view to strengthening democratic governance in Malawi. The project is in collaboration with the National Statistical Office, through raising awareness on the policy relevancy of governance assessments, indicators and data. It will contribute to the development of the M&E indicator framework, and processes that strengthen data collection, use, legitimacy and relevance. 

Expected Outcome:

  • Good governance, gender equity, and rights based approach to development enhanced by 2011
  • An informed public actively claiming good governance and human rights  
  • Formal and informal justice systems strengthened through a unified programme based approach to justice


  • Formulation of the Policy Framework Paper (2010)
  • Sectoral/Institutional Capacity Assessments
  • Baseline household surveys (ongoing)
  • Roadmap to indicator development


Relevant Publications and Documents

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public goods in Malawi  
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