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GAP Initiative

Mexico: Network of experts set to assess governance at the state level

An interdisciplinary approach and a database of state performance indicators will strengthen accountability and governance at the state level in Mexico.
By facilitating a network of experts from different disciplines, this project provides an inclusive process and opportunities to draw on expertise from civil society, academia and public institutions. A  more rigorous methodology and solid platform for communication, debate and advocacy are also expected benefits of the interdisciplinary network.
A gap in governance statistics is the critical area to be addressed by the network, led by a Mexican think tank, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE). As of today, little to no data currently exist with regards to the performance of Mexican states on issues such as democratic governance and accountability.
Creating a national database on governance statistics at the state level is the project's primary response to this need, as comparing state performance may be critical for sharing best practices and for advocating for reform.