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GAP Initiative

Nigeria: Assessing Urban Governance

UNDP and UN-HABITAT have partnered to support assessments of urban governance and the creation of Governance Resource Centresin 21pilot cities in Nigeria.
Rapid population growth and urbanization since the 1950's are a serious challenge for Nigeria. There are today about 19 cities with more than one million inhabitants, and a staggering 70% of the urban population lives in slum conditions. This presents a number of problems, including rising urban poverty, housing shortages, inadequate economic infrastructure, poor basic social services and crime and insecurity.

In support of sustainable urbanization and good urban governance, UNDP and UN-HABITAT are assisting the National Bureau of Statistics in developing a customized framework for assessing the quality of urban governance in Nigerian cities.

In the 21 pilot cities, the project will:
  • help identify appropriate national indicators on urban governance,
  • develop national knowledge, including the creation of "Urban Governance Information Resource Centres", and
  • reinforce stakeholders-driven policy dialogue on good urban governance in Nigeria.