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Viet Nam: Provincial Government and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI)

The Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI) is a joint research collaboration between Centre for Community Support and Development Studies (CECODES), the Viet Nam Fatherland Front (VFF), and UNDP Vietnam. PAPI systematically measures and monitors the performance of governance and the public administration system at the provincial level in Viet Nam. PAPI provides objective and evidence-based measures, based on citizens’ experiences and direct interactions, of the standards of provincial level governance, public administration, and public services performance. Having grown out of a 2009 pilot in three provinces, in 2010 PAPI was implemented in 30 provinces and reflects on the direct experiences of 5,568 randomly selected citizens across the country on various aspects of local governance and public administration.

The aim is to enhance the process of identifying and analyzing HD-relevant governance indicators that are also gender sensitive. This aim will be achieved by the evolvement of an existing citizen report card initiative – the Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI).

Expected result of this initiative: PAPI would be strengthened by means of the development of an interactive online tool. This would help to develop the capacity of the PAPI national programme partners to disseminate, analyze and provide feedback on the governance indicators. This is expected to help achieve a participatory/broad consultative approach in Viet Nam with the potential to strengthen accountability at all levels of government.

During the course of implementation, PAPI will be institutionalized in a way that can ensure its objectivity, robustness and reliability. The overall approach and orientation for it is based on the scientific nature and orientation towards beneficiaries, as well as the sustainability of PAPI as a set of indicators measuring performance of governance and public administration over time.


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